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Customer Testimonials

My order was filled so fast!! I will order from you guys again. 


Sharronda M. Stone 

I just wanted to say thanks! I ordered bracelets on Thursday night at 10:30PM and they were delivered to my door on Tuesday evening. My husband is a racecar driver and we wanted the bracelets by this week to have at the track. I will be sure to use your company again. Thanks again so very much! 

-Shannon Chilton 

I wanted to let you know that I just received my order and I am thrilled with your product! I called late Friday afternoon and you had my order at my house on Tuesday afternoon since I needed it by Wednesday. I call that awesome service. The dog tags will sell great as our fundraiser. The kids are going to love them! Thank you so much for even adding a few extras to my order. You did not have to do that, but you did and I appreciate it so much! Again, thank you so much for all your help and I will definately keep you in mind when I need to order more fundraising products. 

Cindy Mitchell 

Thank you !! Thank you !! I just got my wrist band order. I cannot believe that you were able to turn it around that quickly. They look great and my students will be thrilled with them. My middle school students from Virginia will be handing them out as student ambassador gifts to school children that we meet as we tour Japan for three weeks. I will not hesitate to recommend your company to my school administrators or any other group I hear about that needs something like this. 

Thanks again. 

Eva Hahn 

Hello! I am involved in an annual trip that me and my friends take and each year we purchase bracelets. While doing a search for companies this year I came across yours and decided to give the "Home State" company a try. And I am very glad I did. I was concerned about receiving the bracelets on time because of the short notice, so I called your company and the gentleman who answered the phone was very helpful and said there was no need to worry. I would receive them on time. So I ordered the bracelets Tuesday and to my surprise they arrived today, Thursday! They turned out great and I am very happy with the quality. Thank you so much for everything and I will now continue to use your company each year! 


Falls City, NE 

Have a Happy Fall from

 Have a Happy Fall from!

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Welcome to The Awristocrat! 

Custom Silicone Wristbands and More! 


At our business is your business; we provide you the promotional products that will allow you to effectively advertise your company, reach out to your existing customers and potential new business, and create unique fundraising opportunities. Ours is a company that was built on the foundation of offering personalized service, quality products, and affordable prices on which our customers can rely again and again. 


We take pride in having built relationships with our customers over the years and look forward to developing more relationships in the years to come as more companies recognize the benefits we can offer and the trust that they can place in us. 


Promoting Your Brand with Silicone Bracelets and More 


Using giveaways as a means of promoting your company, club, school, church, or any other organization has become common business practice. Promotional products and promotional items such as calendars, pens, mugs, and more have become standard marketing tools. But custom rubber wristbands, emblazoned with your company name, are a truly unique and exceptionally cost-effective way of advertising. Rubber bracelets are also beneficial for attracting potential customers and helping to reach out to existing customers as a way to continue the relationship. 


Using promotional products follows the law of reciprocity that says that you must put something out there in order to get something back. Reciprocity is regarded by many entrepreneurs and life coaches as a principle that is embedded in the universe. Thus, it makes sense to engage in the process of using promotional products and promotional items to boost sales. Promotional products are a powerful way of advertising your business to potential and existing customers. 


Each promotional product or promotional item will very likely get used over and over again -keeping your company name at the forefront of customers' minds and making them more likely to approach you for repeat business. Not only is this process good business practice, it is one of the most cost-effective ways of advertising your services. 


Many firms will use mugs, pens, calendars and bumper stickers to promote their products and while these are effective, there is one old favorite that is often overlooked. Based on the widely used but often neglected rubber band, custom wristbands (or silicone bracelets) can be an extremely useful promotional product in your company sales campaign. Custom-made silicone rubber bracelets that are debossed, embossed, printed, or laser-engraved with your company name are becoming increasingly popular. Advertising your company, club, or organization in this way is much more cost-effective than most any other form of advertising. 


These custom embossed or debossed silicone bracelets and rubber wristbands can also be turned into key chains. They are extremely effective as promotional products and promotional items because your company name or club logo is constantly within your customer's or prospect's sight. So, if you are engaged in this kind of promotional business practice, it is definitely worth considering a change to custom wristbands provides you and your organization with the simplest (and best) pricing on Custom Silicone Rubber Bracelets, Personalized Dog Tags, Custom T-shirts, Custom Lanyards, Leather Wristbands, Slap Bracelets, and a wide variety of additional promotional products and unique fundraising items. We look forward to working with you!