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Customer Testimonials

I got the wristbands and I must say....I'm very pleased! Thank you so much! The quality is excellent! And Delivery arrived early. 

Thanks Again, 

peacefully yours, 


Order ID: xxxxx758 

This email is in reference to the above order. I was told when I ordered this set of wristbands that because of the size of the order and two colors that it would take a couple of weeks to process. I must have shown my disappointment on the phone as the sales rep indicated he would try. I wish I could remember his name. He talked to me about the Anderson cancer center in Houston and was very encouraging when he found out about my son. Bottom line is the order arrived the day after Thanksgiving so my daughter who wanted them for her brother was able to be home and present to him. The smile on his face will never be forgotten by our family when he saw what you people made. I don't know if this is normal operating procedures for you guys but I cannot thank you enough for the speed at getting these bands to our family. I don't know what to say or do but Thank you very much. 

Dick Brunton 

So very impressed with your product and service the first time around that I'm back for more! Your first batch was a major hit here with our troops! Need to make an add-on order, with same setup, color, silencer and chain, but with this additional set of names attached. I've also attached the logo artwork, just in case. 

Thank much, 

Patrick Ostman RPh 

Senior Director Professional Practice 

Prescriber Technologies 

Medco Health Solutions 

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Serving YHWH... Serving YOU...  


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