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Customer Testimonials

I just wanted to say that we received our bands on time, I couldn't believe it! I was so excited and so was our staff. You all did an AWESOME job and they look great!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you for accomodating our schedule, you all ROCK!!! Our Youth Empowerment Day was a complete success and the students that attended wasted no time in wearing their bands. 

I have to tell you this quick story, I attended a walk this past Saturday and they were selling bands. I could barely read what was on there. Whoever did it did not do a good job. We helped put the walk together and I asked who, did the bands? Of course I could not remember what they said, but I showed them the ones you did for us and told them we could have given them a referral on who did ours and they would have had a much better product. I was happy that I didn't go with their vendor! Anyways, I will definately refer anyone to The Awristocrat in the future for bands, you all once again did a fantastic job and I was so happy that we received them on time. Way to go Awristocrat!!! 

Sharlen Moore 

Urban Underground 

Great thank you so much! I bought from you guys a couple of months ago for a student that was killed in my area in high school... And the bracelets went over really well so I decided to do it again. I really like how you guys are personable and converse quickly, I recommend you to everyone! 

Thanks again!! 



You are awesome! I got the UPS tracking information. Needless to say, you are officially my favorite online retailer! And, I buy almost everything online! So, that's really saying a lot! I may even send you pictures of the Fundraiser!!!! 

All the best! 


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Create a Fundraising Package

Create a Fundraising Package

NEW! Create a Fundraising Package! proudly offers a new discount available on all the products listed below. If you buy 3 differet products or more of anything listed in the Create a Fundraising Package category you get an additional discount depending on your overall total cost


The minimum price for the discount is $250 where you start by getting 5% off while the largest discount avaiable is at an incredible 25% off on orders that are over $3500. 

Fundraising Package Discounts (Minimum of 3 Different Products purchased to qualify)

$250 5%
$500 10%
$1000 15%






"The silicone wristbands have been a great fundraiser for my student group. The swirl design is unique. Students, teachers, staff, and parents have all bought them. Teachers are giving them to deserving students. I will use for future fundraisers!"

Bonnie Stull Pueblo

Magnet High School