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Customer Testimonials

Thanks so much for the dog tags. We received them the other day and they look amazing! We've already sold a lot of them already and I think we will need to order some more shortly. I can't wait to receive our other wrist bands. 

XX amelia 

So very impressed with your product and service the first time around that I'm back for more! Your first batch was a major hit here with our troops! Need to make an add-on order, with same setup, color, silencer and chain, but with this additional set of names attached. I've also attached the logo artwork, just in case. 

Thank much, 

Patrick Ostman RPh 

Senior Director Professional Practice 

Prescriber Technologies 

Medco Health Solutions 

I received my wristbands. love them!!... Thank you so much. We are so excited to have these for our students. 


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Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom Printed Lanyards

Custom Printed & Woven Neck Lanyards 


Most of us have likely seen them everywhere without knowing what they are specifically called the colorful fabric that people wear around their neck and from which generally hangs a laminated card or clear plastic card holder. Known as lanyards they are used for everything from identifying event attendees to keeping particular personal items safe around the wearer neck. 


At we offer printing of custom lanyards as a way to promote your business or organization. Our extensive selection offers everything from a variety of materials such as custom polyester lanyards or nylon custom lanyards to choices in width, color, clip attachment, and the ability to print a customized message. 

Featured Products

Custom Polyester Lanyards

Custom Polyester Lanyards

As low as: $ 0.54

Custom Nylon Neck Lanyards

Custom Nylon Neck Lanyards

As low as: $ 0.59

Custom Full Color Lanyards

Custom Full Color Lanyards

As low as: $ 0.95

Custom Polyester Woven Lanyards

Custom Polyester Woven Lanyards

As low as: $ 0.77

Custom Tube Neck Lanyards

Custom Tube Neck Lanyards

As low as: $ 0.51